Crathes is a small rural community lying on the north bank of the River Dee some 3 miles east of Banchory on Royal Deeside. Although there is a settlement comprising around 25 houses which constitutes the 'centre' or nucleus, the community is spread from the riverbank to the foot of the Hill of Fare and between the town of Banchory in the west to Drumoak in the east. The village has a school, retail and craft centre, railway restoration project and world-famous Crathes Castle & Gardens. The area is one of great natural beauty with views up the Dee valley into the Cairngorms. Although the land comprises mainly arable farmland, there are extensive areas of forestry, wetlands and the river Dee to the south.  A wide range of wildlife thrives in the area.
This web page has been set up for the benefit of the residents of Crathes on Royal Deeside and contains information about and for the local community.
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